What’s in Mina’s Book Bag?

Last year, Mina couldn’t say “Mina,” so she decided to give herself a nickname: Mimi. It was so “Oooo LA LA!” that it has stuck in the family as her little nickname even though she can now properly say “Mina.” We have seen Mimi videos, songs, movies, but we were thrilled when we found a book called Mimi!

Mimi by Carol Baicker-McKee is a wonderful little story about a little girl pig named Mimi and her pet Frank, the roly-poly bug. It is also a wonderful example of ingenuity. I am always doing some sort of crafty thing and crafty things take a LOT of time! I read the book and got exhausted by how much work went into creating each page since, as far as I can tell, each is its own unique 3D storyboard that has been photographed. There is so much sewing, glueing, claywork, etc., and each Mimi has a different facial expression. It took a lot of skill and forethought to create this book. It really is, from a craft viewpoint, pretty darn amazing and impressive!

Mina really took to the story and wanted to have her own pet Frank. In the story, Frank lives in a yogurt cup. I had to explain to Mina that while that may work in a STORY, it will not work in REAL life. I had remembered seeing a bug box at TKE and went in search of it. I had poor Sue looking all over the store for it and it was right in front of our noses the whole time!

We took it home and went in search of Frank. They are not too hard to find. We scooped him up with some dirt and sticks and brought him home. Mimi gives her Frank a smidge of banana, so Mina needed to do that as well. Frank lived with us for about a week in the bug jar, but he didn’t seem to like his banana smidge… Hmmmm…

We had to let him go before we went to Turkey on vacation, but… Lo and Behold! Frank followed us to Turkey! We spent some time at my aunt’s summer house in a town called Ayvalik. My aunt has a huge garden with a big strawberry patch. One morning, we decided to pick some strawberries and who did we find—FRANK and his whole family. Mina was so excited that Frank decided to come to Turkey too and that he brought his family as well!

“They are on vacation too, Mommy! Look, the book had it WRONG! Frank doesn’t like bananas–He Likes STRAWBERRIES!!!” And she was right. There was Frank and his family, cousins and all, devouring my aunt’s strawberry patch.

2 Responses to What’s in Mina’s Book Bag?

  1. Aylin says:

    I love your little story… Mina is so adorable and you write about her so nicely. I hope to see all these cute stories and experiences in a book someday.

  2. Jen DeSilva says:

    That is a damn cute story! And why wouldn’t Frank love auntie’s strawberries?

    My kids love collecting bugs too. Mary caught a caterpillar at the playground and brought it home to live in her bug carrier. It turned into a crysalis, which was pretty exciting. We have had some fatalities though with worms. She no longer tries to keep worms for more than a day.

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