My Book Group is {}er Than Yours

I’ve never had my own book group before. Ever. But the offer of leading this year’s Summer 13+ group for the store was just too tempting — especially when I realized I’d get to pick the books. It was hard in that I could only pick four. FOUR! Out of so many good ones to choose from!

With the help of the indomitable and incredibly book-club-savvy Margaret, I settled on: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld (a teen classic if ever there was one), The Arrival by Shaun TanThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (my love for Sherman Alexie knows no bounds), and The more-people-must-read-this Adoration of Jenna Fox by the amazing Mary Pearson.

We’ve now hid the mid-point, and I must declare: my book group is better, smarter, savvier, creative-er, articulate-er, amazing-er, and awesome-er than yours.

Our Uglies discussion ranged from the correlation between physical appearance and identity, to choice vs. peace, to political structures and what makes them work/not work, to whether or not uniforms are a good idea for schools. And The Arrival discussion this past Tuesday night! Wow. We talked metaphors and symbolism, art media, refugee camps and immigration, what makes art art and a book a book. We even discovered hitherto unknown (at least to me) parallels inside the book (the opening pages for the first and last chapter alone are a study in brilliance).

I can’t wait for next week’s Part-Time Indian discussion, or Jenna Fox for that matter. So much to talk about, so little time!

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