What’s in Mina’s Book Bag?

Mina has started integrating all the stories that we read into our own stories. It has been fun over the past few weeks sculpting and changing the story as we go. There is one story in particular that is now a bedtime ritual. It started in March, quite simply, when I brought back my seashell collection from RI. I remembered finding a particular shell and told her about it. I had found a conch shell on the beach, took it home and soon realized it still had an “inhabitant” inside! Mom had come into the kitchen and saw this huge snail crawling up her kitchen counter.

That little story has now merged with aspects of Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones and the book Wave. Here is the latest rendition of the story:

Once upon a time, before there was a Mina, before Mama was a Mama, before Baba was a Baba, and before Nana was a Nana (last nights addition to the story by Mina), Mama went to the beach. As she was folding up her beach blanket and towel something caught her eye.

There, in the waves, were tiny dinosaurs. They were jumping and playing in the waves. They were so colorful: red, orange, purple, rainbow-striped, blue-polka-dotted, pink.

Mama snuck up behind them and picked them out of the waves one by one and plop plop plop, they went into the bucket to show Nana.

As Mama drove home, the rocking motion put the dinosaurs to sleep. When Mama got home, she quietly picked up the bucket, brought it into the house and placed it in the kitchen sink. She was going to give them a bubble bath when they woke up to get the sand off. Then she went upstairs to take a shower.

One by one, those dinosaurs WOKE UP!! They started to shake off the sand… shake shake shake… then that turned into dancing… shake shake shake, thump thump thump, boogie boogie boogie.

WELL! Don’t you know? Nana was working in the basement and heard all this commotion coming from the kitchen. “What is all this craziness?!!” said Nana to herself and she went upstairs!

Imagine her surprise when she saw DINOSAURS dancing and jumping on her kitchen counter! They were swinging from the pots and pans and jumping from one counter to the other.

She walked sternly to the bottom of the stairs and called up : “Elif!!! What are all these dinosaurs doing dancing in my kitchen!!”

Elif ran down the stairs and together they watched the dinosaurs partying in the kitchen! It looked like so much fun, they decided to join in and dance too!

The End

After I tell the story, Mina tells me her version. She has most of it memorized, but usually changes something here and there. Now, in her story, before going to the beach, she adds: Mama has a steering wheel, Baba has a steering wheel, Dede has a steering wheel, Nana has a steering wheel, Sunny has a steering wheel, but not Ava — she is still a little girl, and they all drive to Mr. French’s beach. Then Mama jumps in and swims with the dinosaurs… like this — and then Mina swims in her bed.

This storytelling can go on for quite a while! Mina will go on and on for an hour telling her story and acting it out and it makes bedtime just a tad crazier than it already is. I have had to reverse the order of who tells the story first. Now she tells her story first, finishes — eventually, and then I tell my story. Things proceed a bit quicker that way.

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