TKE’s Bulletin Board Needs a New Arbiter

Thanks to Lou for his years of dedicated service to TKE’s bulletin board. We’ll just have to muddle through somehow until a new arbiter comes along!

The bulletin board just to the right as you enter the Kings English has now taken on a life of its own. For almost two years I have been the official keeper, or rather tender, of the bulletin board removing outdated items, inappropriate listings (roommate wanted was one of my pet peeves), and basically trying to keep things neat and orderly (for example making sure large posters did not overlie smaller ones). This task may seem an unlikely one for a pediatrician on his day off but it was more than an easy excuse to visit with the staff in the book store. A book store needs no excuse for the relationships that blossom between patron and bookseller. Kibbitzing is what it is all about.

Of late, however, the bulletin board has needed none of my attention. Today there were three dog-sitting ads, a listing for Twilight Concerts going through September, information on a Mindfulness Workshop, and listing of cultural events though October. I no longer feel that I should be the arbiter of bulletin board rectitude.

I do not need to have an excuse to drop into TKE on a weekly basis. If someone else would like to assume responsibility for the bulletin board be my guest; chat with Anne Holman for an application. Meanwhile you will find me either between the stacks of hanging with the staff at the front desk. ~ Lou Borgenicht

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