Recasting The Time Traveler’s Wife

The other night Paula, Jenny, and I got into how much we loved The Time Traveler’s Wife, (how excited we are that Audrey Niffenegger is coming to TKE!) and how torn we were about going to see the movie. Our major hesitation is, I think, one that’s quite common: the actors picked for the characters didn’t match our internal “casting.” And, if the actors don’t pull off their roles, it could forever taint our memories of the books!

Which, of course, got us arguing about who should have been cast as Henry and Claire. (Gomez and Charisse also don’t quite match up for me, but I’m less bothered about supporting characters in general, somehow they’re easier to over-write for me.)

We put together a list of our favorites, and now we’re wondering if they match anyone else’s. So take our survey and help us recast Time Traveler’s Wife! We’ll post the results next Friday, August 21st.

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