In honor of the birthday of the beloved Julia Child

We love Julia Child.

True, her brand of cooking has not currently been in style, probably because it uses so much butter, but, it tastes so good, also because it uses TKE J&J 2so much butter! Julie & Julia, the book and the movie, as well as My Life in France, a great read, are enjoying huge popularity right now and rightly so. Never one to be counted out, Julia Child herself would be very pleased to hear reports, from independent bookstores across the country, of increased sales of these books and all her cookbooks! There is newfound love and appreciation for Mastering the Art of French Cooking, her best known cookbook that was published when she was almost 50!

It is this idea, that her greatest success came after this, after 50, that makes her story inspirational to us. In the end, she found a way to be at peace and to be truly happy with herself, even though she may have been considered, as a woman of her era, slightly gangly and unbecoming, and too tall for the Navy! She found her life passion in French cooking and realized great success.

Here’s to you, Julia! Happy Birthday!

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