Recasting The Time Traveler’s Wife … Or Not

Well, the results are in, and you have all spoken: no recasting of The Time Traveler’s Wife! I have to confess, I’m surprised. Especially that Indiana-Jones-years Harrison Ford got NO VOTES, because come on ladies, is he not the exact rumpled-professor Henry type? Apparently not. I bow to your superior numbers!

Rachel McAdams 6 (35.3%)
Alicia Witt 4 (23.5%)
Rachel Weisz 3 (17.6%)
Amy Adams 2 (11.8%)
Blake Lively 1 (5.9%)
Zooey Deschanel 1 (5.9%)
Eric Bana 9 (52.9%)
Clive Owen 5 (29.4%)
Hugh Jackman 2 (11.8%)
Matthew Goode 1 (5.9%)
Other Option… 0 (0%)
Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones years) 0 (0%)
Eric Dane 0 (0%)

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