Paul’s Favorite Summer Memory

Thanks so much to Paul for sharing this with us, and letting us share it on the blog!

The aroma of fresh paper floods my nostrils as I saunter into a million books. I continue walking to the back of the establishment as the amiable woman at the counter greets my group. I stoop down to a shelf and choose a novel. I read it over and return it to its former position as I lazily continue deeper into the quaint little store. I continue admiring the wide range of books until I find a suitable selection for myself, which has been recommended to me by friends, The Kingdom Keepers. I maintain my quest for more books on another shelf, recognizing a few. Finally, I make another find: The Looking Glass Wars. I’ve only heard of this story a few times, but I decide to give it a try. I carry it with me to the next stack of books.

As I prolong my search for reading material, I strike several interesting looking books, but I decide not to take them with me. I could spend hours here, just sitting and getting accustomed to the fine printed text which has engulfed my mind. It would also certainly be easy to spend a fortune here, but it would be worth it. As I have been thinking this, my clammy hands have picked another book, The Thief Lord. I look it over and approve. I’m satisfied with my assortment of books and I turn to leave. But then, from my peripheral vision, I spot one more book. It is called The Book Thief.

I read the back flap, and it sounds good enough for me. I continue back to the front of the store, oblivious to the fact that my last selection will become my favorite book of all time. I reach the front of the store, show my books to my grandmother and thank her as she pays for them, along with books for my sister and for my cousin. I see a bowl of chocolates on the counter, tempting me to reach for one as this store, The King’s English Bookstore, tempted me to enter.

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