From doctor books to the pyramids of Egypt…

Mina playing doctorFor a long time now, Mina has been devouring any sort of book that is related to doctors or medicine. Her first love is Doctor Meow, she will sit forever and “read” it to all of her friends. In Doctor Meow’s Big Emergency, Doctor Meow, the cat in the new series that takes place in Whoops-a-Daisy World, gets a call from Tom Cat who has fallen from the apple tree. Dr. Meow and Woof, the ambulance driver, rush to help and bring Tom Cat back to Kiss-It-Better Hospital.

Doctor Meow enters our  life practically every day. When we were in Turkey this summer, it was a favorite game to play while out to dinner. My uncle would take his cell phone and call my aunt on her cell phone and say “Emergency! Emergency! I have fallen and hurt my leg! Is Dr. Meow in? I need an Ambulance!” My aunt would hand the phone to Mina and Mina would respond, “This is Dr. Mina, how can I help you? Stay right there and don’t move!” And when we got back to Utah, the game continued with my husband, Tolga. He would fall down and Mina would become Dr. Meow and fix him with her doctor kit.

Then we discovered The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist and she learned about how easy it was to go to the dentist and how she should always brush her teeth so she wouldn’t get cavities. And keeping with the dentist theme, we moved onto Doctor De Soto, the little mouse dentist. Doctor De Soto and his wife help treat many of the animals in town except those who would be dangerous for mice, like cats! One day, a Fox rings the bell. He has an awful toothache and the dentist takes pity on him and lets him in. As the book continues, the Fox thinks about eating the mice, but the Doctor De Soto and his wife come up with a really interesting plan to outfox him!

One day, as Mina was looking for the The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist, she found Little Critter: My Trip to the Hospital. Little Critter has broken his leg on the soccer field and has to go to the hospital to get a cast. He says, as the doctor starts wrapping him up, “I feel like a mummy!” and Mina asks, why? What is a mummy? And this is where our path diverges into the plains of the Sahara and into Egypt.

Mina asked Sally, a bookseller, if the bookshop had any books about Egypt. Sally picked out a few nice ones, but the Dorling Kindersley Ancient Egypt book was the winner. We sat down on the floor with Little Critter, and the DK Egypt book open to the mummy page, and Skippyjon Jones in Mummy Trouble and Mina was able to see the correlation between all the books.

Now, we can’t stop reading books about Egypt and we are learning all the different gods and goddess’ names. One day, on our way to the bookshop, Mina said “In ancient Egypt, Anubis takes care of the mummy and wraps him really tight to keep him safe and warm and then puts him to bed in his sarcophagus. Mama, what does Horus do again? I’ll ask Sally the next time!”

These days, with Halloween around the corner, there are tons of mummy books out on display. After looking at a few, Where’s My Mummy? and The Runaway Mummy, Mina makes a most observant statement: “Mama, those mummy’s need to clean their pyramids more often—look at all those cobwebs!”

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