A “Fancy Tea Party” Indeed!

This month, we kicked off our children’s activity series with a “Fancy Nancy” tea party in the Children’s Room! We had a packed house, and each attendee got to make their own Polar fleece poncho! It was a smashing success and the girls looked divine as they proudly donned their fancy ponchos!
Mina and I arrived early to decorate the room and set out the tea sets. Mina picked out sparkly sugar cookies that sparkled when the light hit them.
Everyone arrived dolled up in a variety of tutus, butterfly wings and lots of accesories! We ushered them in and offered them tea and cookies. When they learned that not only did they have a poncho to take home, but a matching babydoll poncho and scarf as well, you should have seen their eyes light up as they squealed with delight! 
We then sat and enjoyed our tea, pinkie fingers raised, and listened to a few “Fancy Nancy” books. They were all familiar with the stories, but I got their attention with the NEW Christmas Fancy Nancy book, A Splendiferous Christmas!  They hung on every word. I wished I had brought the Fancy Nancy book that had been translated into Turkish, though, I think they would have gotten a kick out of seeing this beloved book translated into another language. In turkish, Fancy Nancy is “Suslu Pakize”. 
When the goody bags came out, the girls swooped down, picked out a poncho, and set to work tying and decorating them with strips of tulle and fleece. It was a grand time and they all looked adorable!
Our next event will be Friday January 8th @ 4pm. We will be having tons of crafting fun with Sandra Boynton’s One Shoe Blues book! Reserve your spot today!

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