The Town Club book group’s 10th anniversary!

What a pleasant surprise to find out that my friends at The Town Club and I were celebrating our 10 year book group anniversary. For our readers who do not know the Town Club, it is a ladies organization located in Salt Lake City on South Temple.
My son Patrick was five years old when we started; another way of measuring my aging. The core group of ladies has stayed the same, and we have read and been challenged many times over.
The ladies at the club, notably Rowena Howe, made the moment a celebration. We read My Life in France, the memoir of Julia Child. And at our very well attended luncheon, Rowena  had arranged for the chef to use some of Julia Child’s recipes. It was delicious. Toasts and compliments were abundant, and I was the beneficiary of a beautiful handwoven scarf. I have to say the kind words were the best gift.
Working for the Town Club ladies has been a tremendous experience for me. I learn something every month. The members bring so much wisdom and experience to every group, and I am lucky to be a part of their group.

Margaret Brennan Neville

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