I can feel the love!

Love at first sight for the ice cream cone cupcakes, love at first sight for the books, and LOVE at first sight for the mountain of stickers to apply to the Valentine mailboxes!

As Fancy Nancy would say: The party was a scrumptious success! We began by eating our treats and listening to Valentine-themed books. And Fancy Nancy is always a win. At the beginning of Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart, we find Fancy Nancy making sequined valentines for all her friends at Bree’s house. When she gets home, she finds a special secret valentine for her on her door…hmmm…I wonder who sent it. The case is on and Nancy must accessorize to find her secret admirer.

Next up we read How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? We have been IN LOVE with this series since Mina was a little one. The pictures of the dinosaurs in all the crazy colors are just wonderful and the funny things they do are the icing on the cupcake. The dinosaurs all seem to be getting into mischief, but in the end, they give the best hugs and kisses to their mama and papa. Of course, Mina would read the How Do Dinosaurs books by Jane Yolen all day long and one is just not enough. She knows exactly where they are in the bookshop and went on her own to get another one! Can you guess which one? Of course, the one with the DOCTOR in it : How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? Of course I told her we would read it, but we had valentine books to read first.

We were first fell in love with the pen and ink art of Peter McCarty (author and illustrator of the Hondo and Fabian books) with Jeremy Draws a Monster a few months ago. In it, Jeremy, a lonely little boy, draws himself a monster imaginary friend. The monster becomes very obnoxious and demanding and soon Jeremy is drawing him a hat, suitcase, and a bus ticket. After sending the Monster on his way, Jeremy goes down to join some “real” boys and girls for a game of ball. And now Peter McCarty has a little love story out just in time for Valentine’s Day: Henry in Love. I love the art in these books because they are so vivid with the colors, but also very calming with the fine use of the pen. Henry gets ready for school and has a lovely blueberry muffin for a snack. As we progress through the book, we learn that he has a crush on a little bunny named Chloe. In the end, after rearranging the desks in class, Henry and Chloe are sitting next to eat other, getting ready to eat their snack. Henry trades his beloved blueberry muffin for Chloe’s carrot so she will have the better snack…aaahhh young love!

Okay, everyone! Finished with our treats and our books, we move into the other side of the room to decorate our boxes! Stickers and kids are a match made in heaven. The process of peel-stick, peel-stick is such a loved activity. In the undecorated as-of-yet mailboxes, they found a woven heart basket made out of construction paper. It was filled with special Valentine’s Day stickers and a few blank Valentine cards to give out. There were also feathers and red construction paper hearts to glue on as well. Of course, I had a last minute crazy project addition: making herbal heart sachets. It all worked out so PERFECTLY in my head at 2 p.m. the day of the storytime! I cut out and sewed the hearts, filled little ziplock baggies with the herbs and beans, but when I went downstairs to get my glue gun—it was no where to be found. Grrr. I grabbed some needle and thread and flew out the door. After getting to the bookstore, Anne came to my rescue by going home and getting her glue gun! Implementing the filling process did not go as smoothly as I had imagined. I had thought that if I cut a hole in the corner of the ziplock bag, the child could place that in the hole of the heart sachet and everything would just slide in. Vigorous shaking of the bag was too tempting and the children’s room looked like an herbal explosion by the time it was done. Thank goodness for vacuum cleaners!!

A fun time was had by all and we hope we see you at our next Friday Fun for Kids. Ahoy there! We will be going on a treasure hunt, mateys! So, dig out your pirate attire and help us find the hidden treasure in the store. Yo HO HO and a whole lot of FUN! You won’t want to miss THIS one! Friday, March 12, 4 p.m.

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