A Chain of Love

We were incredibly lucky to have Chris Cleave speak and read at the bookstore this Monday evening. What an amazing person and author! He was genuine, engaging, funny, and smart, and professed undying love for the “legendary,” (his word, spoken in the Queen’s English) King’s English. He had been instructed to give love to our store from other, equally legendary, indie bookstores he had already appeared in on his book tour for Little Bee.

Little Bee is an incredible book, and hearing Chris talk about its creation was eye-opening. He said, as an author, he writes about the biggest subject out there from the most unusual perspective. This latest novel involves the plight of refugees the world over and is told from two unusual points of view: a young Nigerian immigrant girl and a wealthy, white, British woman. Chris revealed that the opening quote of the book is his favorite, and perhaps best, part of the book. If a nation can’t take the time to proofread the document that they hand out to refugees that underscores their values and laws, mustn’t that mean they can’t be bothered to care about the actual refugees themselves?

Here follows a few photos. Click to enlarge. Stay tuned for video.

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