Yo Ho HO, we had a lot of fun…

…even though we had no one!
Mina and I got to the bookstore early on Friday to set up our pirate party. I wanted to have extra time to hide stuff for the treasure hunt. Alas, Matey’s, all our young pirates were ill, and no one could come. Mina, always the trooper, took my hand and told me we could look for the treasure ourselves.
She and I walked through the store and accumulated quite the bounty of pirate money, necklaces and bracelets! After which, she wanted to sit and read her pirate books while munching on her pirate galleon cookies. One of her favorite books is Pirate Girl. It is about a girl, out for a ride in a rowboat, who gets taken hostage by some mean pirates. Each night, she writes a note, sticks in into a bottle, and throws it overboard. Unbeknownst to her captors, Pirate Girl’s mom is the most feared pirate on the seas. Last week, Mina, sitting at the dining room table, tore off pieces of paper, crumpled them up, and threw them off the “ship” to her pirate mama! I wasn’t allowed pick up the “notes in bottles” from the floor for at least 3 days!
Mina loves pirate books and ran around pulling her favorites from the shelves (she knows RIGHT where they are!): Henry & the Crazed Chicken Pirates, Pirates Don’t Change Diapers, and Boris the Pirate.
I had prepared some pirate essentials: a felt leaf shaped eye-patch and a head sash from some turkish material. I thought it would be cute for all our little pirates to dress up and run around the store. Well, since no little pirates came, we ended up making little bags for them to come pick up and do the projects at home another time.
After reading and finding our treasure, Mina moved onto other books and soon another little girl, Ruby, and her mom came into the children’s room. The two girls bonded over Madeline and became fast friends. Mina showed Ruby the secret passage through the mystery room and asked if she could share her pirate booty with her. Mina picked out a nice necklace and a lovely bracelet for Ruby and another set for Ruby’s little sister. She told Ruby’s mom all about storytime and told her to bring Ruby back to visit her at the bookstore sometime.
All in all, Mina had a great time at the Friday Fun for pirates, but hopes to see many more friends at our next Friday Fun for Kids—April 9, 4 p.m.

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