Cake Wrecks “World Tour”

Salt Lake City and The King’s English was the second stop on the Cake Wrecks “World Tour”, and it was fantastic! A great turnout–over 300 fans–and many satisfied cake eaters. Jen will most likely post pictures also, and probably with much funnier captions, but we wanted to share a few here as well…

This young girl created a cupcake for the contest and was so excited to meet Jen!

Custom made Cake Wreck t-shirts!

That's My Cake made the hugest cupcake ever and plenty, PLENTY of cake for all to enjoy.

The winners of the contest with their death-defying entry.

And now the wrecks!

Thanks so much to Jen Yates and her husband John for bringing the World Tour to Salt Lake, and many, many thanks to That’s My Cake for providing the beautiful and delicious cakes.

2 Responses to Cake Wrecks “World Tour”

  1. Anne says:

    I like the lemon!

  2. Wow, that is a gigantic cupcake! =]
    Cake Wrecks is a very amusing blog–lots of fun.

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