by Rachel Heath

The Buehners are headed our way this Saturday, November 6 at 2 p.m.!

They participated with us in the Utah Humanities Book Festival at the downtown library a little while back, and we’re so pleased to have them with us again.

This prolific author/illustrator duo has kept picture-book readers entertained for 20 years. Mark is the illustrator, and he first began illustrating in 1990 for Debra and Sal Barracca. His first book, The Adventures of Taxi Dog, was the start of a productive and colorful career.

Two years later he and his wife, Caralyn, began using their talents together, leading Mark’s career down a path that neither of them entirely anticipated. Though Mark still took a few jobs for other children’s authors, the couple began combining talents, starting with The Escape of Marvin the Ape in 1992. The two have been working together ever since, producing some of the most well-loved picture books in collections everywhere.

Some of the couple’s other more recent books are:

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears (2009)
  • Queen of Style (2008)
  • Dex: The Heart of a Hero (2007)

Some general favorites they’ve done together over the years include:

  • Snowmen at Night (2005)
  • A Job for Wattilda (2004)
  • Fanny’s Dream (2003)
  • It’s a Spoon Not a Shovel (1998)

This month will be the official release of their latest book, Snowmen all Year, which releases on November 11. With special permission from the Buehners and their publisher, TKE currently has the books on sale in the store, and there will be plenty available at the event with us on Saturday. It’s just as charming as their last “snowmen” book, but with even more colors and bright, eye-catching scenes. This time, the snowman stays an entire year, experiencing every season.

We’ll see you all on Saturday!

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