Virgil White Buffalo is back…

review by Anne Holman

Hell Is Empty, by Craig Johnson

Virgil White Buffalo is back and not a moment too soon. Sheriff Walt Longmire has fallen into the seventh circle of hell trying to catch a murderous outlaw in this latest adventure with the citizens, bad and good, of Absaroka County, Wyoming. Spring is slow coming to their part of the state and when a routine convict transfer goes terribly awry, Walt chases the felons into the heart of the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area trying to stop innocent lives from being lost. The giant Crow Indian, Virgil, literally becomes Walt’s guide through the underworld although instead of Dante’s Inferno, it is a chilling backdrop of snow and icy rain where the reader feels every freezing step as it takes place. This is Johnson at his best; as you journey through the novel, you’ll have difficulty distinguishing real from unreal until the end comes crashing down around your eyes. –  Viking, $25.95

Editor’s note: Join us this Thursday, July 7th at 7 p.m. when Craig Johnson will entertain us on the patio on with some wise-cracking and book-signing.

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