Garth Stein!

We were treated to an extraordinary evening with Garth Stein on Wednesday, September 14. The author of The New York Times bestseller, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Garth Stein was kind, funny and generous. Speaking to a standing-room only crowd of 150, he read the opening paragraphs of his beloved book, and then went on to discuss his muse (his wife, and she is not a muse in the way you might think), his inspiration for the book (reincarnation and a Billy Collins poem, “The Revenant”), the wild parrots of Seward Park, WA, and his “intimate” tour of the Ferrari factory R&D department. He was disarming, engaging, and utterly likeable.

He also spoke about the need for bookstores and libraries to create a healthy and vibrant community, some of which I captured on video:

The truly crowning achievement of the evening was our partnership with No More Homeless Pets in Utah. Jaimi Haig, the Marketing Specialist at NMHPU, set up a table with literature and a donation jar. Garth Stein offered to MATCH any funds that were raised that evening. Jaimi collected $1,000 in donations, thus raising $2,000 for the organization which is “working to end the euthanasia of homeless pets in Utah and to promote humane alternatives for feral cats.

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