Mattie, A Woman’s Journey West

March is National Women’s History Month and we’d like to take a moment to call your attention to a book by a local author…

Mattie, A Woman’s Journey West, Nan Weber

Not unlike today, life for women in the nineteenth century served up hearty challenges on a daily basis, though the burdens of 100 plus years ago certainly were of a different flavor. Mattie, A Woman’s Journey West offers a taste of that life through the story of Martha “Mattie” Shipley Culver, whose life passage took her from her childhood in industrial New England and work in the New York textile industry to her role as the wife of a winter caretaker in Yellowstone National Park, where she died and was buried in 1889, at the age of 32.

Like other visitors to Yellowstone National Park, author Nan Weber discovered Mattie’s fenced grave at the confluence of Nez Perce Creek and the Firehole River. Weber followed her own curiosities through years of research to trace the steps of this mystery woman’s spirited life.

Home sources were a key element to uncovering Mattie’s past. Weber’s careful research enabled her to find, in particular, an autograph book that opened the door to Mattie’s past including her family members and work friends and acquaintances. The result is the inspiring story of a strong woman trying to better her life during difficult times.

For more information about Mattie, visit The King’s English Bookshop HERE or visit the author’s website HERE.

2 Responses to Mattie, A Woman’s Journey West

  1. Nan Weber says:

    I have just acquired an additional home source of Mattie Culver. It is her family Bible that was presented to Mattie by her mother, Elizabeth Shipley, shortly before Mattie immigrated West in 1881.

  2. Paul Boruff says:

    Wonderful book about a woman and her adventure traveling west to at last lay in rest in “Wonderland ” Yellowstone Park Nice work Nan…… Paul Boruff

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