Buried in the Sky: The Extraordinary Story of Sherpa Climbers on K2’s Deadliest Day

by Margaret Brennan Neville and Patrick Fleming

Amanda Padoan, co-author of Buried in the Sky will present a slide show, read from and sign her book. Eric Meyer and Chhiring Dorje, survivors of the disastrous 2008 K2 expedition when 11 climbers died, will appear with Padoan. Presented with and to be held at The Salt Lake City Public Library downtown, 210 East 400 South.

Buried in the Sky: The Extraordinary Story of Sherpa Climbers on K2’s Deadliest Day, Peter Zuckerman and Amanda Padoan

Finally, a climbing book about the fabled Sherpa, who, long known as the workhorses of climbing, are in actuality far more than high-altitude porters and guides. Written about a 2008 expedition to K2 (at 28,251 feet, the second tallest mountain in the world after Everest, or more than three times the height of Timpanogos) 90 years after the ill-fated British 1924 Everest expedition, this book makes you realize why high altitude mountaineering is the most dangerous game—especially in the “death zone” (above 26,000 feet) where the best equipment humans have is a rational brain, the worst, bravado and arrogance. Following the lives of two Himalayan climbers who have escaped the poverty of their Nepalese life by helping foreigners conquer the highest mountains on earth, Buried in the Sky is a salute to the tenacity of the Sherpa and the responsibility they take—often at the cost of their own lives—to save their clients when things go wrong as they did in 2008. A riveting read, perfect for anyone who has climbed our Wasatch Mountains or hiked high into our canyons—or for fans of high-altitude climbing books. (W.W. Norton, $26.95)

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