Bookseller Recommends

ImageBookseller Paula Longhurst is a great reader of mysteries. Her new pick: Mortal Bonds by Michael Sears.

Jason Stafford and “the kid” are back! Jason, who we first met in Black Fridays, still has to visit his parole officer every week. Hired by the squabbling Von Becker family, Jason is asked to locate a fortune that the FBI, SEC, and many other interested parties have so far failed to find. And no one can ask the head of the household: he hanged himself. “The kid” is now six years old and thriving–his autism will always be a challenge and Jason still has a lot to learn about what sets him off–but the pair are coping. Until Angie, Jason’s duplicitous ex-wife, announces a visit to New York. She’s coming for a month and bringing family.

Jason has the SEC and the Feds looking over his shoulder and a softly spoken aristocrat named Castillo telling him tales of dead lawyers and bearer bonds before offering his help. But the interests Castillo represents are deadly and they’ve just made the mistake of threatening Jason’s son. (Putnam, $26.95)

Originally from England, Paula has been living in Salt Lake City for ten years. A self-professed NaNoWriMo addict (she’s completed it four times now), blogger (Cool Books), and avid reader, she loves a good twisted mystery but anything with a great story will grab her attention.

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