My Evening with Neil deGrasse Tyson

by Rob Eckman


Excerpts from my Journal of Unusual Book signing Events:

Six unusual items that three amazing booksellers assisted author and inspiration-to-the-masses Neil deGrasse Tyson autograph at Kingsbury Hall:

1-      T-shirts.  While still on the owners.

2-      iPhones, hard drives and other e-devices and cases.

3-      Signage torn off the walls of Kingsbury Hall.

4-      20-year-old DK “Stars” book, tattered and taped together, that inspired owner to study astronomy.

5-      Random college text books.  Even texts that were not penned by Dr. Tyson.  The people wanted this autograph for inspiration.

6-      Journals, old copies of Carl Sagan’s COSMOS, blank pieces of notebook paper and dozens of event ticket stubs.

And almost anything else that Dr. Tyson’s fans could have autographed but the stones of the building itself.  And he autographed it all. 

I know that night, all of Salt Lake City’s coffee houses, pubs and places of conversation, real and virtual, were vibrating with inspiration for the thousands of people that watched this event live or from the three completely packed remote viewing locations. 

The most beautiful exchanges between the author and his public were the private meeting with a boy, having his dream come true, from Make-a-Wish Foundation and the gift of a dream catcher to Dr. Tyson from the Navajo Nation.

 Until next time…

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