Friday Fun for Kids at the King’s

March 18, 2011

by Rachel Heath

Friday Fun for Kids at the King’s has taken on a fun new twist. Each month – the second Friday, as usual— we’ll feature one of our favorite children’s-book characters. For the month of March we spent a little time with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We started storytime with some of Eric Carle’s most-loved books: The Very Quiet Cricket, Mister Seahorse, 10 Little Rubber Ducks, building to our finale, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Then we had some real fun! Everyone got to munch on sticks of “caterpillar food” while we colored and answered questions about the book we had just read. It was a great moment of interactive listening for the kids and it was pretty fun for the parents as well.

Before anyone left we put a caterpillar tattoo, (temporary of course!) on every hand, or in some cases every foot.

Everyone had a great time this month with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We hope to see you in April when we’ll spend some time with Spot the Dog!


Community Writing Begins at an Early Age

February 16, 2011

Thanks to the Salt Lake Community Writing Center (CWC) for participating with us in our Friday Fun for Kids activities last week. We made letters to spell our names on Valentine’s Day bags and picked out candy hearts to glue sweet words on them for decorations. Later in the afternoon the CWC hosted a love letter writing workshop for young and old and anyone who wanted a little help saying “just the right thing” to their sweetheart.

Not familiar with the CWC? We are so fortunate to have them in Salt Lake as a FREE resource for people from all walks of life to get help with their writing. Whether it’s a resume, a letter to the editor, or a blog entry, volunteers are at the center day and night to help you get your thoughts down on paper, or on the computer as the case may be. The CWC is part of the Salt Lake Community College and is housed at Library Square.

Check them out!

Friday Fun for Kids at the King’s!

December 3, 2010

by Elif Ekin Tasdizen

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Growing up in New England, that’s pretty understandable. As a child, I was always going for walks with my mom, collecting a rainbow of leaves in my basket. Now that I have my own little girl, I have been trying to bring some of those activities back into our everyday. Making November’s project from natural elements seemed like the perfect place to start.

Inspired by the book Nature’s Playground, we decided to make leaf crowns. Simple and fun. Mina and I had a glorious time collecting “supplies” from our neighbor’s yards. One neighbor, across the street, has a wildflower garden and all the flowers had fabulous seed pods just begging to be used in a crown. As I collected various leaves, pods, dried lavender and flowers, Mina decided to cut lots of dried lavander, bring it to our yard, and sprinkle the seeds everywhere with the hopes of growing a lovely lavender garden next year.

Thank goodness we had the car to put our box of treasures in! It seemed a bit silly to drive such a short distance, but I was afraid the leaves would all blow out one by one as we walked down the street!

When we got inside, we laid it all out for the kids to easily pick their favorites. What a crowd! We settled on the rug with some yummy pumpkin bread and read a few books. First, we began with one of Mina’s favorites, Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. This adorable little fox is friends with a tree and is greatly distressed when the wind blows the leaves off the tree in the fall. He thinks the tree is sick and needs the leaves to stay warm during the winter. He tries to take care of the last leaf that falls off the tree by bringing it home and putting it to sleep in a warm bed of its own. The next day, when Fletcher walks out the door, he sees a beautiful sight! The tree is covered in icicles and sparkles in the sunlight. He asked the tree if he is okay, the tree twinkles back, and Fletcher smiles.

We brought another of our favorite fall books from home: The Little Yellow Leaf. I fell in love with the artisic aspect of the book way before Mina was even interested in it. The author/artist utilizes cut paper and illustration to tell her story. It is the story of a little yellow leaf who is not ready to let go of the tree yet. All the others leaves have let go and flown away, but this little guy is scared until she spots a Scarlet leaf way up above. Both make a pact to let go together, and be brave! They do and they soar through the air, together.

Lastly, we read Leaf Man. What a cool book! Lois Ehlert used actual leaves to make pictures of animals and shapes throughout the book. The pages were even shaped as you turned them. It gave me so many ideas of things to make with leaves next year!

The kids really dove right into the project. We had put double sided tape on a card-board crown. All they had to do was place the leaf on the tape and VOILA! instant forest royalty! We had many staplers and glue on hand for more elaborate projects. After finishing hers, Mina thought it would be nice to make a crown for Sally up front. No longer is she Sally, Bookseller Extraordinaire. Now she is a Forest Queen reigning over the fairies and the little-folk!

Join us for our next Friday Fun for Kids at the King’s, Friday, December 10, 4 p.m. We’ll be creating our own No-Bake Gingerbread House with author Lisa Anderson and enjoying a gingerbread-y storytime.

Come to Camp King’s English—Friday, July 9, 4 p.m.

July 7, 2010

We still have a few spots open in our Friday Fun for Kids at the King’s this week—Camp King’s English. Do you like to go camping? Do you like to hear stories, spooky or otherwise? Do you like to eat s’mores? Then we have a spot for you. Call the store at 801-484-9100 to sign up, or come in. $5 for kids ages 3-8.

And in case you missed our last Friday’s Fun For Kids at the King’s…we honored Father’s Day! The afternoon started with a homemade “Oreo” cookie sandwich, some milk, and a few Father’s Day stories. We began with Mina’s favorite: Pink Me Up by Charise Mericle Harper. This book is about a little girl who is really looking forward to going to a pink-nic with her mom. Everyone is supposed to wear pink. However, mom gets sick, so dad has to step in and go. But before that can happen, they have to “pink him up” by wrapping his shoes in pink paper, painting pink dots on his shirt, pink tape stripes down the pants and then VOILA! He is Perfectly Pinker-ific!

Then we read Your Daddy Was Just Like You and had fun identifying with Daddy when he was a kid, all the mischief he got into,and the fun he had before he grew up and became “Daddy.”

The craft project centered around a familiar Father’s Day gift: the tie. The idea was to create a tie photo-frame. And we had quite a time, with an age range of 2-13 years old, sewing a vinyl “frame” onto the tie. It definitely was an adventure for all of us! The moms were troopers and jumped right in to help their kids learn to sew. We persevered and the project came out really cute! Once the vinyl frame was sewn on, the kids slid their stick through the top loop and tied some yarn on either end. Now, they could go home, put a lovely picture in their frame and give it to Daddy to hang on the wall. See more photos on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you at Friday Fun for Kids at the King’s!

Strawberry Friday Fun!

May 26, 2010

When I was a kid, summer meant strawberries. After school, I would head down to the local farm with my Mom to pick BUSHELS of them. After I had picked (and eaten) enough, we would go home and make jam. My father was a bit particular about his jam—he didn’t like seeds. After Mom cooked the strawberries, she would have to strain out the seeds for him. We didn’t have any fancy utensils, she just hung the straining cloth from the cabinet knobs. But, we made do and the jam was yummy!

That was my inspiration for our last workshop. I found the strawberry planting project in the book, Ready Set Grow where they used fire engine red rubber boots for strawberry planters! We adapted the project and used gallon jug containers instead. They worked out great and the kids loved them!

Mina and I made up some fresh strawberry jam for every one to take home and Mina also wanted to make some homemade strawberry tarts. We set everything out on the table and got ready to garden in the Children’s Room of the bookshop. Mina put on the perfect dress to celebrate the occasion: her strawberry sundress! The kids eyes grew so wide when they realized they were going to be able to garden INSIDE! They thought that was the coolest thing ever!

We had quite a few kids join us and we sat on the rug, ate some tarts, drank some juice and read some strawberry- and summer-themed books. Our favorite was The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher. We first discovered this book at our friend’s house and it is very cool! It is about a lady who buys a pint of juicy strawberries for her family at the grocer. On the way home, a blue goblin sees the strawberries and wants to snatch them for himself. This wordless book follows the two characters as they race through the woods and swamp. Finally, the Grey Lady is able to evade the blue goblin and make it home while the goblin discovers a lovely blackberry bush to munch on.

We moved onto The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. This classic book is about the Little Mouse who finds a huge strawberry and does everything to hide it from the Big Hungry Bear—including putting a mask on it for a disguise and putting it under lock and key!

I had also wanted to read The Perfect Gift but the kids were too excited to get into the dirt and they didn’t want any more stories! But this is the perfect gift for a Grandma, a lovely story about a little bird who wants to bring a strawberry to her Grandma. The little bird picks the strawberry but then it plops into the water. A squirrel, a duck, and a frog come to help her get it out of the lake, but an alligator swims up and tries to get them. Fortunately, they escape, but the alligator eats the strawberry. The friends sit and think and decide to make a book about their strawberry adventure and this is that book!

And then all of a sudden there were hands in the dirt scooping and dumping and filling their pots. They learned how to squeeze the plants out of the plastic containers and plant them in the jugs.  It is always a good sign when dirt is flying everywhere and kids have it embedded under their fingernails! The finished strawberry planters were beautiful, and much, MUCH fun was had.

You don’t want to miss another afternoon like this one! Come join us for our next Friday Fun With Kids at The King’s! Friday, June 11 at 4 p.m. We will be making a gift to give to Dad on Father’s Day!

Yo Ho HO, we had a lot of fun…

March 19, 2010

…even though we had no one!
Mina and I got to the bookstore early on Friday to set up our pirate party. I wanted to have extra time to hide stuff for the treasure hunt. Alas, Matey’s, all our young pirates were ill, and no one could come. Mina, always the trooper, took my hand and told me we could look for the treasure ourselves.
She and I walked through the store and accumulated quite the bounty of pirate money, necklaces and bracelets! After which, she wanted to sit and read her pirate books while munching on her pirate galleon cookies. One of her favorite books is Pirate Girl. It is about a girl, out for a ride in a rowboat, who gets taken hostage by some mean pirates. Each night, she writes a note, sticks in into a bottle, and throws it overboard. Unbeknownst to her captors, Pirate Girl’s mom is the most feared pirate on the seas. Last week, Mina, sitting at the dining room table, tore off pieces of paper, crumpled them up, and threw them off the “ship” to her pirate mama! I wasn’t allowed pick up the “notes in bottles” from the floor for at least 3 days!
Mina loves pirate books and ran around pulling her favorites from the shelves (she knows RIGHT where they are!): Henry & the Crazed Chicken Pirates, Pirates Don’t Change Diapers, and Boris the Pirate.
I had prepared some pirate essentials: a felt leaf shaped eye-patch and a head sash from some turkish material. I thought it would be cute for all our little pirates to dress up and run around the store. Well, since no little pirates came, we ended up making little bags for them to come pick up and do the projects at home another time.
After reading and finding our treasure, Mina moved onto other books and soon another little girl, Ruby, and her mom came into the children’s room. The two girls bonded over Madeline and became fast friends. Mina showed Ruby the secret passage through the mystery room and asked if she could share her pirate booty with her. Mina picked out a nice necklace and a lovely bracelet for Ruby and another set for Ruby’s little sister. She told Ruby’s mom all about storytime and told her to bring Ruby back to visit her at the bookstore sometime.
All in all, Mina had a great time at the Friday Fun for pirates, but hopes to see many more friends at our next Friday Fun for Kids—April 9, 4 p.m.