Guest Blogger | Ann Cannon on Loser’s Guide to Life and Love

July 18, 2008
Ann Cannon at The Kings English Bookshop

Ann Cannon at The King's English Bookshop

So TKE hosted an event for my new young adult novel, The Loser’s Guide to Life and Love, and seriously I felt like a debutante at my own debutante bowl, except that I’m 52. And also I wasn’t wearing a corsage.

Anyway, it was a GREAT evening (thanks, Jenn!) with all kinds of amazing and personal touches–from the dragonflies on the banner to the icy cold cans of Dr. Pepper to the readers’ theater (the kids were amazing!) to Anne Holman’s sweet and funny introduction.  Plus there were actual people in attendance. PEOPLE!  No kidding. I’ve had events in the past for other books where nobody came.  So thank you, everybody, for being there.

Sometimes readers ask which of my books I like the best.  It’s a hard question to answer because your books are like your children:  you love them all equally but some days (truth be told) you like the kid who cleans up his bedroom without being asked better than you like the kid who just totaled your new car.   I will say this, though.  I never ever had more fun writing a book than I did writing Loser.  I think that’s because I wrote about things I love: summer nights in Salt Lake City, my Avenues neighborhood, the moon (and Goodnight Moon, too!), sweet and silly teenage boys, overly affectionate cats, old movies, party food, flowers, romance.  I call Loser my happiness book, and while I don’t know if it’s the best book I’ve ever written, it certainly holds the distinction of being closest to my heart.

Guest Blogger | Louis Borgenicht

November 30, 2007

It has taken many years for me to find my true niche at TKE. As a patron and more recently a kibitzer (what else do you do in a cozy and delicious bookstore?) I found my new calling through pure serendipity.

On one of recent regular Wednesday visits I found myself, as usual, perusing the bulletin board for local cultural events. I have longstanding history of deep and abiding interest in bulletin boards and have never been able to pass by one without stopping. During medical school most of my friends would ask me what cultural events were happening in Cleveland on a given day: embarrassingly, I usually knew.

So on this momentous day in TKE I noticed a personal item on the board: one of those typed notices with twenty tear-off strips with phone numbers for contact. It was search for a roommate.

I was appalled. TKE was not a coffee shop.

I took a quick survey of the booksellers behind the counter (I think Dawn and Jan were the prime movers). The consensus was that the notice did not belong there.

I removed the offending notice with a self-righteous flourish and tossed it.

“I would like to volunteer here as Keeper of the Bulletin Board,” I announced. “Who do I have to talk to?”

“No problem. Just do it. Consider it yours,” Jan said, apparently relieved to have yet another tedious job taken off her over-burdened shoulders.

It is not an easy job. It requires figuring out whether a posted even has taken place or is yet to happen. I love it though; I consider it a valuable community service, one that I easily fit into one of my days off.

Plus I get to kibitz while I am doing it.


Louis Borgenicht, our first guest blogger, is a regular customer, a good friend of the store, and an author. Head on over to his website,, to learn more about him!