Author Update | Sean Connolly

November 24, 2008

I was lucky enough to spend a fun and educational (in the best way) day with author Sean Connolly last week, when he was in town for a signing of the fabulous Book of Totally Irresponsible Science. As the kid who always found some excuse not to enter the science fair, this book would have been the perfect holiday gift for me as a child. The illustrations are great, the experiments have often hilarious results, and the science is well explained and dramatically demonstrated. Sean was a delight to watch in action; here’s a quick video from one of the school visits. The sound didn’t really take, but you get a great view of not only my favorite of his demonstrations, but of the kids’ reactions to the experiments.

And, the very savvy Workman have done their own video that, if you can’t meet Sean yourself, is the next best thing:

The event was so good that we sold out of books and are anxiously awaiting our next shipment. This is a great holiday gift, highly recommended — science at its best.