2009 Holiday Book Show on RadioWest

December 4, 2009

In this season of thanks and gift-giving…Whether it’s a $12 no-frills paperback or a lavishly illustrated $200 hardcover,
a book is, dollar for dollar, the best possible present for people of all ages and stages of life. Why? Because there is one
particular book that is perfect for practically everyone.

This was the topic on RadioWest yesterday. Our own Betsy Burton, along with Catherine Weller and Ken Sanders, joined Doug Fabrizio for the annual holiday book show on KUER. To see the books they recommended, or listen to the show, go to KUER: http://bit.ly/4UDuPp

Better still, go to our website, and download the 2009 Holiday Edition of The Inkslinger. You can scroll through a cast of characters—bibliophiles, naturalists, or outliers, for example—we’ve come to know and love until you spot your own friends and family members. You’ll find the perfect book(s) to match their passions listed by category. We also have printed copies available in the store, 12 pages crammed with fabulous books. This season is exceptionally rich in good books. Come pick up a copy!

Staff Holiday Picks

December 3, 2008

If you don’t get InkLinks, our email newsletter, then you haven’t seen our picks for this year! Woe is you, no? But, fear not: here is a photo album of our smiling faces and favorite books.

Staff Holiday Picks

Staff Holiday Picks

Which brings me to our next poll:

Holiday Recommendations for All

November 30, 2007

If you’re not subscribed to our InkLinks e-newsletter, you’re really missing out this month! We rounded up as many employees as we could find who would stand still for a minute, and took their pictures with their three favorite books. The result is a long list of great reads, and a chance to get to know the staff a little bit better.

You can download December’s InkLinks in PDF format here, and sign up for it here. I highly recommend the email version — it links directly to our website‘s store inventory, and gives you all the details about the books our staff love!